Atlantis Abutments for Astra Tech EV with Itero

Our first Atlantis Abutment case validated through an iTero scan! Techsource Dental is one of the first labs to participate in the rollout of the partnership between Atlantis (Dentsply Implants) and iTero (Align Technologies). This workflow was so simple and clean. The model comes with a replica of the abutment as a removable die.... no lab analogs to seat. The digital file delivered provided the basis for the final restoration. Very clean, very accurate.

This works with Astra Tech Implant System EV, with more options to come. No other components are available from any other manufacturer for patient-specific components for Astra Tech EV besides Atlantis. Techsource Dental is uniquely poised as an Elite partner with Atlantis for providing these superior patient-specific abutments.

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