Building your WHO

I read a book a few years back by Bob Beaudine called The Power of Who. This is a wonderful book by a wonderful author. I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting Mr. Beaudine while in grad school as he is a member of the SMU Cox School of Business Associate Board.

The Power of Who is about changing the way one looks at building a network. It is a motivational approach to using the relationships you have to reach your potential.

This past week has been an exciting week for Techsource Dental. We enjoyed representation at both the Texas Dental Association annual meeting in San Antonio and the AACD in Florida.... all without having a booth. Working our WHO! We work hard not only to provide an extraordinary experience for our clients but also continuously work to build a strong network of partners in an endeavor of reciprocal support, idea sharing, and a constant pursuit of excellence.

I strongly encourage everyone to read this powerful book. Build your Who!