Fixed - Crown and Bridge

With our exclusive VIP program, no matter your restorative presentation, Techsource Dental has the solution that is the perfect fit for your patients’ varying needs.


Our Value Line, for the price-conscious patient who aims to restore function but can only address the most basic needs. While quality is always met, the Value restoration offers a functional crown at a lower price point. As always, the Value line provides for exceptional fit and quick seat time.

TFZ Value

Techsource Full Zirconia monolithic crown, provides strength and function, indicated for posterior restorations.   Restorations available from both traditional and digital impressions (iTero, 3M True Definition, 3Shape TRIOS, E4D/Planscan and Carestream).


The Techsource Ideal Line merges the best of both worlds, providing both function and esthetics in a high-quality restoration.  Using high-quality materials and technology, Techsource Dental Classic restorations provide outstanding esthetics, quick seat time and patient satisfaction.

TFZ Ideal

Techsource Full Zirconia monolithic crown, providing strength and function with extraordinary esthetic results. No longer must one give up beauty for strength. With our optimal material options and use of shading and staining techniques, our TFZ Ideal rivals any layered all-ceramic crown in esthetics while providing 1200 MPa in strength.

TZ3 Ultra

Take your zirconia to the max with our new cubic zirconia restorations. Our TZ3 Ultra material is higher in translucency (compared to the TFZ) which is ideal for anterior applications up to three-unit bridges.  This highly biocompatible material is ideal for all restorations, providing the translucency of lithium disilicate yet the strength of zirconia (720 MPa). Best of all, this restoration can be cemented, unlike lithium disilicate. Due to its highly translucent characteristics, please provide a more conservative preparation than lithium disilicate: 0.8 mm required; 1.0 mm is ideal.


Our Techsource Premier line was created for patients requiring both the highest level of function and esthetics.  Through the use of the highest-quality materials, highly-skilled technicians and collaboration with the clinician, all aspects of the cosmetic and restorative process are considered to achieve outstanding results.


IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic full-contour restoration indicated for anterior restorations with a flexural strength of 360-400 MPa.  Techsource Dental’s e.max restorations provide an esthetic result from a digitally designed and milled material.  Bonding of this restoration is required.

Techsource Porcelain Crowns

Layered porcelain crowns combine a unique formula of strength and beauty.  With a specially-formulated shading system, patients are offered unparalleled shades and choices for the perfect restoration.  Available for both anterior and posterior placement, our porcelain-layered zirconia crowns are an ideal alternative to PFM or lithium disilicate restorations.