Digital Doctors with Intraoral Scanners

For those progressive practices with intraoral scanners, Techsource Dental offers state-of-the-art services, creating beautiful restorations from your digital scans. What's more, Techsource Dental can create restorations without a model! With Techsource Dental's shading formulation, our Techform solid zirconia crowns and bridges exhibit exceptional translucency and color, mimicking natural dentition. our crowns are shaded throughout for consistent shade which prevents shade changes if adjustments are made.

3M ESPE True Def IOS

Simply call 3M Customer Care at 800-634-2249, option 3, and have Techsource Dental added to your list of lab partners. **For Model-less restorations, please request two lab adds, one for traditional restorations and one for model-less.


Call your iTero customer service representative at 800-577-8767 and request Techsource Dental to be added to your list of lab partners. For model-less restorations, click "no model" and include instructions in the "special instructions" field.

3Shape TRIOS

From your 3Shape Communicate account, select Techsource Dental to be added to your list of lab partners.

E-mail support:

***For implant cases, options vary by intraoral scanner. Call Techsource Dental support for more information.