OptiSplint – An all-digital full-arch treatment option. No conversion and acrylic pickups. OptiSplint is compatible with guided, navigation or freehand surgeries, enables efficient digital workflows, converts to an accurate verified cast, and requires less steps than traditional full-arch cases.

Techsource Dental offers both full-service with same or next-day delivery or design-only services for practices printing in-house.


Photogrammetry – Techsource Dental offers in-house photogrammetry solutions, providing onsite iMetric iCam 4D Implant Scanner for same-day or next day delivery of the provisional prosthesis.


Concierge Services – Techsource Dental offers in-lab or on-site scanning and 3D photography services for full-arch cases as well as design/esthetic consultation. Techsource Dental utilizes its Dexis Intraoral Scanner and the Vectra 3D facial scanner.

Concierge Services