Techsource has been my key to success when providing my patients with model-less restorations via digital scanning. They nail it every time with perfection.

Dr. Chris Ramsey; Jupiter, Florida

“My practice partner and I have worked with Techsource for over two years. We have enjoyed their lab’s culture and have found them to be very reliable with deliveries. My technician works the 3Shape and he is a fabulous resource. Shawn, the HMFIC of the lab, is an experienced lab resource that has proven valuable over the past two years to problem-solve special cases. I like these folks!”

Dr. Mike Meek; Austin, Texas

“Techsource Dental Laboratory has been providing my office superb implant restorations and digital crowns and bridge restorations for several years. Their consistency and customer service is outstanding. Let this great lab make you look good.”

Dr. Bob Long; Cleburne, Texas

“I absolutely love working with Techsource! They consistently provide beautiful restorations with precise marginal integrity. It is so exciting to join them with their digital technology to design restorations! Fun and great people to work with! Keep it up, Techsource! Thank you!!”

Dr. Kelly Robinson; Lubbock, Texas

I was referred to Techsource Dental Lab by my iTero rep several years ago when I was having problems with crowns fitting well shortly after I purchased the iTero unit. Ever since I started working with Techsource, my crowns have fit nearly perfect. When problems have arisen, they are always great about helping work through the issue until we resolve the matter. I love being able to jump on a screen share meeting with my technician to see his design and collaborate on cases. Simply put, they are the best lab that I have worked with in my 20+ years.”

Dr. Steven Cook; Austin, Texas

To have direct input on design and margin placement with my designer is a great asset to the restorative process. She and I can explore the design options in real time when necessary. I know there is a steep learning curve to virtual construction, both for the clinician and the lab; having real-time access throughout the process has resulted in better marginal adaptation, reduction of chair time and improved aesthetics.

Dr. Richard Luczak; Grapevine, Texas

In my thirty-plus years in dentistry, Techsource Dental is the best lab I've ever worked with. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and the quality of the work is excellent and consistent. Crown and bridge insert visits are now predictably short and sweet. Digital scanning, conventional crown and bridge, and implant custom abutments -- they truly are high tech!

Dr. Bryan Carlin; Berwick, Pennsylvania

I have worked with Techsource for over 5 years and I can attest that they make beautiful, excellent fitting restorations that will make you and your patients happy. The level of communication and attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Dr. Joseph Loftus; Dallas, Texas